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From University Races to World Championships

My Journey into
Competitive Sailing

My sailing journey truly began in university, racing with the Imperial College London's 1st team on the British University Sailing Association circuit. We dominated the South Central region and ranked 4th nationally. In 2020, as a PhD student at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, I took a leap and bought an International Moth, pushing myself into a season filled with adrenaline, work, and fun! This led to my partnership with the Nicomatic team and our journey to the 2021 World Championships in Malcesine - an unforgettable experience that has set the stage for more exciting challenges.


Mini Transat 2023

The initial objective was to cross the Atlantic solo, without any assistance, aboard a boat we had specially designed and built, measuring 6.50 meters. The naval architect behind this project is Sam Manuard, renowned for his achievements in designing fast offshore boats, including Armel Tripon's Occitane, which participated in the 2020 Vendée Globe. In collaboration with Benoit Marie, we developed the concept, and the integration of foils allowed the boat to fly above the ocean. Following this race, I became the first woman to cross the Atlantic aboard a flying boat.

International Moth Sailing

My journey began in August 2021 with a simple Bladerider and has evolved into an international experience, marked by encounters with the global fleet, significant improvements, and the initiation of real racing. After months of total commitment, I established a partnership with Nicomatic and upgraded to a more reliable boat, the Exocet, which has already shone at the World Championships. Now, I'm focusing on training and participating in major competitions.


University sailing​

During my University Years I was part of Imperial Blue, Imperial College Sailing Club's First Team racing on the British University Sailing Association (BUSA) circuit. Mainly Team Racing in Fireflies, we dominated the South Central Region two years in a row and came fourth at the Nationals. This took us to the Top Universities Regatta in Qingdao (China) and other international races later. 

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