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Photographie de Yann Riou du Nicomatic bateau Mini 6.50 à foil

An Epic Solo Challenge


What is the
Mini Transat?

The Mini Transat, also known as Transat 6.50, is a solo transatlantic race held every two years. This one-of-a-kind race sees sailors from all walks of life take on the challenge of crossing the Atlantic in boats just 6.50 meters long.

Photographie de Anne Beaugé à la Plastimo Lorient Mini bateau à foil de 6.50 pour la mini transat 2023

Our Boat

An Exceptional Prototype

Our vessel for this adventure is a 6.50 prototype foiling boat, designed to lift off from as little as 8 knots of wind. This technological marvel, capable of reaching peak speeds of 25.4 knots, is the work of Sam Manuard, a renowned architect in the sailing world. It was co-designed by Benoit Marie, a standout figure in sailing, who brings his expertise and knowledge of the marine environment to optimize every detail of the boat.

Key Dates

The Mini Transat 2023 is structured in two challenging stages. The journey begins in September 2023, with the competitors sailing a demanding course from France to the Canary Islands. After a respite in the Canaries, the second leg of the race starts in November, as the sailors navigate their way from the Canary Islands to the idyllic setting of the Caribbean.

Photographie de Caroline Boule en préparation à la PLastimo Lorient Mini 2023, sur son bateau mini 6.50 à foil

The Route

The course of the Mini Transat 2023 offers an intense mix of climatic conditions and sea states, each presenting its own set of challenges. Sailors will navigate through ever-changing horizons, under the dynamic canvas of the Atlantic skies. It's a route designed for those who truly love the sea and its capricious nature, where every knot gained feels like a victory and every new horizon promises a fresh chapter of adventure.

carte du parcours de la mini transat 2023

Our Goal

Our aim for the Mini Transat 2023 is as clear as the ocean ahead: to test our boundaries, sail with unwavering determination, and cross the finish line knowing we've given our all. We are fuelled by a passion for sailing, a love for the spirit of competition, and a desire to immerse ourselves in the inspiring community of solo sailors.

Join Our Journey: Become a Partner

Does the prospect of sailing, adventure, and conquering challenges excite you? Are you interested in associating your brand with an internationally renowned transatlantic race? Contact us to learn how you can partner with us and contribute to this extraordinary seafaring journey. Come aboard with us as we race towards a horizon full of opportunities and achievements.

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