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Welcome to our dedicated partners' page, a space where we proudly showcase those supporting our adventure. The partners you'll discover here are the pillars that make our project possible. They provide us with the essential resources and encouragement we need to navigate through the challenges of solo offshore racing.

Are you passionate about sailing, adventure, and self-improvement? Are you looking to associate your brand with a renowned transatlantic competition? We invite you to discover how you can become a partner in our project and contribute to the writing of this extraordinary human adventure.

From engineering to sailing, through the challenge of the Mini Transat 2023, we are determined to make this journey a symbol of resilience, perseverance, and innovation. Join us and let's race together towards a future full of possibilities.

Technical partners

As a global leader in the design and manufacturing of microelectronic interconnection solutions, renowned for their continuous innovation, engineering excellence, and commitment to quality, NICOMATIC is an invaluable partner supporting our journey towards the Mini Transat 2023. Their passion for technical challenges and commitment to excellence perfectly align with our mission to push the boundaries of solo sailing. We are proud to sail with NICOMATIC towards a future full of possibilities.

Sponsor partenaire de Caroline Boule Nicomatic


As a global player in building and civil engineering, VINCI Construction's reputation for architectural excellence and innovation is unparalleled. Their ability to design and execute complex infrastructure projects embodies a spirit of ingenuity and resilience that aligns with our sailing endeavors. Our partnership with VINCI Construction symbolizes a shared commitment to shaping the future, one where architectural marvels and sailing milestones coexist. Together with VINCI Construction, we are constructing a path to a future brimming with achievements and possibilities.

Sponsor partenaire de Caroline Boule Vinci immobilier CMA Aluminium CMA agencement

As a distinguished provider of certification and risk management solutions, INCERT embodies a commitment to quality, security, and trust. Their expertise in ensuring the integrity of systems and processes aligns seamlessly with our dedication to excellence in sailing. INCERT’s emphasis on reliability and safety resonates with our own focus on responsible and secure navigation. Teaming up with INCERT, we are fortifying our journey, steering towards a future underscored by unwavering trust and excellence.

Sponsor partenaire de Caroline Boule Incert

As a recognized pioneer in the field of marine equipment, GOIOT Systems exemplifies the fusion of technological innovation and quality craftsmanship. Known for their expertise in creating customized solutions from design to production, they have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to meet the unique challenges of boating. GOIOT Systems is a valuable partner in our journey towards the Mini Transat 2023. Their passion for excellence, their dedication to customer satisfaction, and their desire for innovation perfectly align with our mission to push the boundaries of solo sailing. We are proud to sail with GOIOT Systems towards a future full of possibilities.

Sponsor partenaire de Caroline Boule GOIOT

As a trusted name in financial auditing and consulting, ST GERMAIN AUDIT brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight to our journey towards the Mini Transat 2023. Their precision in financial strategy and commitment to fiscal responsibility are not just valuable, but essential in our quest for solo sailing excellence. We're proud to embark on this adventure with ST GERMAIN AUDIT, guiding us towards a future filled with opportunities.

Sponsor partenaire de Caroline Boule Saint Germain Audit

With its dynamic service and dedication to connecting diverse destinations, Volotea stands out as an exemplary airline committed to enriching travel experiences. Their spirit of discovery and innovation resonates with our own mission to push the boundaries of solo sailing. Volotea's commitment to seamless journeys mirrors our dedication to smooth sailing, making them an ideal partner in our adventure. Together with Volotea, we are propelling towards a future filled with endless possibilities.

Sponsor partenaire de Caroline Boule volotea avion

As a leading innovator in the field of high-performance composites, North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT) is known for its advanced materials that revolutionize various industries. Their commitment to precision and excellence in engineering mirrors our drive to excel in offshore racing. Teaming up with NTPT, we share a common goal: to achieve the extraordinary. With their cutting-edge composites enhancing our performance, we confidently venture into our sailing expeditions, carving a path towards a future teeming with potential.

Sponsor partenaire de Caroline Boule NTPT

Born from the fusion of velvet's softness and the momentum of speed, VELVETVELO, founded by Serge Rach, blends a passion for cycling and the nautical world with the elegance of luxury. With "LOVE" at the core of its philosophy, the brand offers a range of fragrances, clothing, and accessories that evoke profound emotions. VELVETVELO's fragrances, designed to resonate with both the sea and the mountains, provide a sensory experience through their carefully chosen ingredients. Rooted in Nice, the brand embodies the sophistication of the Riviera and the renowned perfumery expertise of the Grasse hinterland.

Velvet velo parfum sport

As a prestigious consulting firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions, Linkers stands at the forefront of business strategy and financial expertise. Their dedication to facilitating successful partnerships and fostering growth is parallel to our ambition in sailing, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. With Linkers by our side, we are not just navigating the waters, but also navigating towards a future of success and possibilities. Their strategic insights and commitment to excellence make Linkers a valuable ally in our voyage, underscoring our shared dedication to achieving remarkable results.

Sponsor partenaire de Caroline Boule Linkers

As an authoritative voice in the world of corporate finance news, CFNEWS stands as a beacon of reliable information and insightful analysis. Their dedication to reporting with accuracy and depth reflects our own commitment to excellence in our sailing endeavors. With CFNEWS, we stay informed and prepared, navigating the currents of the business world as we do the waves of the ocean. Their partnership empowers us to engage in our ventures with informed confidence. Teaming up with CFNEWS, we chart our course towards a future informed by truth and driven by discovery.

Sponsor partenaire de Caroline Boule CF NEWS journal finance

La Tour International is a well-known business law firm with a multidisciplinary expertise. Based in Paris and Geneva, they dedicate themselves to resolving legal, regulatory, and fiscal issues for a diverse clientele. Their commitment to anticipate and understand their clients' needs, and to provide innovative and tailored solutions, mirrors our shared ambition to exceed expectations. Like us, they value the strength of a well-anchored foundation. In partnership with La Tour International, we are navigating together towards exciting opportunities and extraordinary experiences.

Sponsor partenaire de Caroline Boule La tour international juristes avocats


A recognized specialist in the health sector, Optilog offers technological solutions dedicated to the management and optimization of care pathways. Their expertise focuses on the continuous improvement of medical processes, allowing healthcare professionals to deliver optimal quality care. Their technology, based on sharp analyses and intuitive interfaces, facilitates coordination among various healthcare stakeholders. Their commitment to precision, efficiency, and innovation establishes Optilog as a leader in their field. By partnering with them, we express our intention to surround ourselves with the best to move forward together towards success.

Optilog conseil santé partenaire Caroline Boule

The association "Le Monde de Yannael" was established in late December 2019, founded by three dedicated members within its board. As time passed, many volunteers and supporters transitioned into loyal members. Initially focused on the well-being of Yannael, the association quickly expanded its mission to include other children with disabilities. The goal? To provide them with suitable equipment, support them in their daily lives, offer them complementary therapies, and grant them access to tailored recreational activities. It's undeniable that all of these require significant funds, often too heavy for the families alone to bear. Thus, the association strives to bridge this financial gap and deliver genuine support to these children and their families.

Le Monde de Yannael association partenaire de Caorline Boule skipper


Born from the generosity of Mr. JAMET, who wished to donate his boat "le Bélisaire" to a cause related to disability, Handiàbord is a public interest association founded by two enthusiasts of adapted sports, Laurent LE FLOC’H and Jean-Pierre BACON. This initiative aims to transform "le Bélisaire" into a space of sharing where both able-bodied and those with disabilities can experience a beautiful maritime adventure together. Whether the goal is self-overcoming or a simple ride, Handiàbord makes sailing accessible and rewarding for everyone, celebrating the joy of sharing at sea.

handiàbord personnes a mobilité réduite bateau voilier association partenaire Caroline boule

Entreprendre Pour Apprendre (EPA) is an initiative aimed at instilling a entrepreneurial spirit in young people through hands-on projects. By guiding them in creating and managing mini-companies, EPA promotes the acquisition of essential skills, encourages innovation, and boosts self-confidence. Through this immersion into the business world, the youth are prepared to become the


As a distinguished specialist in the manufacture of high-performance composite structures, Multiplast has been setting new standards in the marine, aeronautic, and architectural sectors. Their mastery of advanced composite technology and dedication to delivering robust, lightweight solutions aligns with our pursuit of excellence in offshore racing. By partnering with Multiplast, we are harnessing the power of innovation to make waves in our sailing journey. Together, we chart a course towards a future filled with groundbreaking achievements.

Sponsor partenaire de Caroline Boule Multiplast

Specializing in precision weight technology, LEMER L'EXPERT is the go-to authority for high-quality fishing and marine equipment. Their commitment to producing reliable and durable products has made them a trusted name in the industry. Teaming up with LEMER L'EXPERT, we are assured of stability and balance in our sailing adventures. Their expertise in weight technology matches our pursuit of performance and precision in solo sailing. Together with LEMER L'EXPERT, we set sail towards a future defined by excellence and innovation.

Sponsor partenaire de Caroline Boule LEMER L'expert plomb

Renowned for their innovative sailing solutions, Karver merges technical prowess with a passion for sailing to revolutionize the marine industry. Their cutting-edge equipment and dedication to improving sailing efficiency make Karver an essential ally in our quest to push the boundaries of solo offshore racing. Together with Karver, we are navigating the seas of innovation, charting a course towards a future filled with exciting opportunities.

Sponsor partenaire de Caroline Boule Karver

As a forward-thinking brand specializing in sailing gear, FORWARD WIP is known for its commitment to safety, innovation, and performance. Their top-tier products provide sailors with the confidence to face the challenges of the sea and the wind. Partnering with FORWARD WIP, we embrace their spirit of adventure and their dedication to pushing the boundaries of sailing technology. Together, we navigate towards new horizons, propelled by a shared vision of a future filled with thrilling sailing experiences.

Sponsor partenaire de Caroline Boule Forward

Pioneering the way in lightweight and durable sailing hardware, ROPEYE is a beacon of innovation in the marine industry. Their commitment to using advanced materials and designs to revolutionize sailing equipment aligns with our pursuit of offshore racing excellence. With ROPEYE's state-of-the-art hardware fortifying our sailing capabilities, we are prepared to overcome any challenges the sea may present. Together with ROPEYE, we are setting sail towards a future defined by resilience, innovation, and boundless potential.

Sponsor partenaire de Caroline Boule Ropeye
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