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International Moth Sailing

From Modest Beginnings to International Participation

My journey in International Moth Class sailing began in August 2021 when I invested all my savings in purchasing a Bladerider. After three days of sailing, or rather swimming around the boat, I reached out to the French Moth Class for help. Shortly thereafter, I joined them as the treasurer of the French Moth Class.

Caroline Boule, skipper pendant la class international moth sailing

Evolution and Improvement

With their encouragement, I participated in the 2020 Foiling Week. It turned out to be a wise decision: I met the international fleet, which was extremely welcoming and helpful. I also realized that my 2008 boat was not competitive, even in a straight line, and I swapped it for an upgraded Mach 2 upon my return to France

Investment and Commitment

The new boat, bought on credit, cost me all my money and energy. For months, my life consisted of working 15-hour days to pay back the boat. I even ended up renting my flat and staying at friends' places or at the office to cover the petrol costs for training or racing.

Partnership and Progress

Despite these challenging few months, it was all worth it. I met incredible people, made significant progress, and started racing for real. Finally, I was contacted by Nicomatic to establish a partnership! What a relief, I could finally do things properly!

A new stage

I once again changed boats, opting for Jess, a much more reliable boat (an Exocet) that twice ranked among the top seven at the World Championships. I can now focus on training, significantly reducing the amount of boat work, and participating in the French Nationals, a Women Training Camp, and finally the 2021 World Championships in Malcesine

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