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Architects of Sailing Success

Caroline Boule's Team is made up of passionate sailing enthusiasts and experts dedicated to achieving the ambitious Mini Transat 2023 project. This diverse team brings together complementary talents, from seasoned sailing coaches to specialized engineers, all sharing the same commitment to excellence. They work in synergy to provide Caroline with the support, knowledge, and resources she needs to reach her ambitious goals.

Briefing Plastimot Lorient Mini Caroline Boule et Benoit Marie

Meet the Dedicated Team Supporting
Caroline Boule in Her Quest for
the Mini Transat 2023

For a race as demanding as the Mini Transat 2023, the support of a solid and dedicated team is absolutely essential. The team behind Caroline plays a crucial role in technical, strategic, and mental preparation for this solo transatlantic adventure. Each team member contributes with their unique expertise to ensure optimal boat preparation, navigation planning, physical training, and morale support. Caroline Boule's team is more than just support, they are the pillar making the realization of this audacious project possible.

Technical Team

Communication, Marketing
& Partner relationships Team

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