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Conquering the Puru Transgascogne: Preparation for the Mini Transat

The Puru Transgascogne, an emblematic race in the Mini 6.50 Class, presented itself to me as the ultimate step before the Mini Transat. Starting from Port-Bourgenay, this epic adventure covers nearly 600 nautical miles, or about 1,000 kilometers, between the French Atlantic coast and the Spanish Basque Country, before returning to its starting point. It's a solo journey, a true test of determination and endurance.

A Strong Start

During this initial leg, I was swept away by the experience of the Puru Transgascogne. Despite a few technical hiccups, my determination never wavered. The stopover in Getxo, rich in encounters and sharing, created a warm atmosphere among these passionate sailors.

A Meaningful Leg

The second leg was no small feat. The conditions were harsh, with the cold numbing my hands and the salt stinging my skin. Nevertheless, my face bore an unwavering smile. Why? Because I finished in second place in the overall solo proto ranking and was the first woman to cross the finish line! This victory was not without its challenges. A foil malfunction slowed me down, turning the race into a true challenge, against both myself and the elements.

Challenges that Forge Determination

Instead of succumbing to despair, each challenge offered me lessons, resilience, and renewed courage. I delved into the heart of my boat, understood its limits and mine, only to ultimately transcend them.

A Serene Future: Heading for the Mini Transat

Today, I stand more serene than ever, ready to face the next challenge: the Mini Transat. The Puru Transgascogne was much more than just a race; it was a chapter in my journey towards excellence, a prelude to the epic adventure of the Mini Transat.

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