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A Step Closer to the Mini Transat 2023: Our First Qualifying Attempt

Embarking on the Solo 1000-Nautical Mile Journey

The road to the Mini Transat 2023 involves a rigorous qualifying phase, a critical rite of passage for all Mini 6.50 class yachts. Recently, I embarked on this solo, unsupervised journey of 1000 nautical miles - a challenging test of endurance and skill.

Charting the Course

Setting sail from Douarnenez, the journey took me around Rochebonne and Ré Island, then northward to pass an Irish cardinal buoy. The choice of direction and timing was entirely mine to make, adding another layer of complexity to this intense solo journey.

Weathering the Storm

However, sailing is at the mercy of the weather, and forecasts can change unexpectedly. As I approached Belle-Île, I encountered a steady wind that would soon grow into a gale. Choosing safety over speed, I decided to return to Lorient on Friday afternoon to wait out the storm.

The Rule of Stopovers

Although stopovers are generally prohibited during qualifications, exceptions are made for weather-related reasons under certain conditions. However, my stopover didn't fully meet these conditions, meaning I'll have to embark on the qualification journey once again as soon as the weather allows.

Despite the setback, my spirits remain high. The journey to the Mini Transat 2023 is as much about overcoming challenges as it is about sailing. Stay tuned as I prepare to take on the qualifying journey once again and get one step closer to the Mini Transat 2023.

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