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A Memorable Journey: The 2022 Mini Fastnet Race

Caroline & Benoit Marie Embark on a Double-Handed Race to Ireland

The 2022 Mini Fastnet Race marked another notable chapter in our sailing journey. Together, Benoit Marie and I embarked on this double-handed race. With a route spanning 600 nautical miles, the course aimed at reaching the Fastnet lighthouse in Ireland. Our primary goal was simple: complete the race, thereby qualifying me for future competitions. However, this voyage also presented an invaluable opportunity for Benoit to impart his wisdom and to test the abilities of our new boat!

A Strong Start

From the onset, our vessel, the 1067, quickly joined the leading group. However, without her foils, the boat was not in an optimal configuration for close-hauled (sailing upwind). Despite this, our journey was off to a promising start.

Adjusting to the Elements

As the race progressed, the course had to be reduced due to the light wind at the start, which would have prevented us from reaching Douarnenez before an expected strong gale. Thus, the 2022 edition of the Mini Fastnet took an unexpected turn, bypassing the Fastnet altogether. But as we passed the imaginary buoy in the Celtic Sea, we managed to surpass the other boats, positioning ourselves in first place!

A Thrilling Finish

Leading the race for more than 24 hours, we faced changing weather conditions on the final leg of the regatta. The other boats caught up, and the competition was relaunched for the whole fleet. Nevertheless, we finished in 11th place overall and ranked 9th in the prototype category.

All in all, the 2022 Mini Fastnet Race was a significant accomplishment for both of us. The performance of our boat in light winds was a testament to its capabilities, and we achieved our objectives. This adventure was proof that with teamwork, dedication, and a great boat, even close-hauled sailing can yield impressive results. As we continue our journey, we look forward to participating in future races and exploring new horizons.

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