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Mini Transat



On Sunday 29th May, we passed the measurements and 90deg heel test, a necessary step before the first race. 



First race, first solo sail, first solo manoeuvres

220 nautical miles starting from Douarnenez

I was very anxious before but extremely happy and proud of the result.

The objective was only to finish within the time and without breaking the boat but on top of that I managed to use all the sails, make and follow a strategy, find solutions to problems alone… I learned a lot about my boat but mainly learned how to trust myself and I feel so much more confident!

Thanks for those who followed and encouraged me during those difficult moments just before the race but also through the whole building process. Today is a huge victory for our team! No one around believed we would make it to the start line but not only we were there, but we also finished it with a nice score!


Caroline & Benoit Marie took the start of this double-handed race, whose 600 nautical mile route makes it possible to reach the Fastnet lighthouse in Ireland.

The main objective was to finish the race so that Caroline would qualify for future competitions. But this navigation also allowed Benoit to share his knowledge with the skipper and to test the capabilities of this new boat!

From the start, the 1067 slipped into the lead pack, even if without her foils, the boat is not in an optimal configuration to do close hauled (sailing upwind).

The course was then reduced because the light wind at the begining of the race did not allow us to reach Douarnenez before the expected strong gale... So it's a 2022 edition of the Mini Fastnet without passing through the Fastnet!

When passing the imaginary buoy in the Celtic Sea, they overtook the other boats and positioned themselves in first place!

Firsts for more than 24 hours, they were overtaken on the last leg of the regatta… The weather conditions were changing and the charts were relaunched for the whole fleet.

All this testifies to a magnificent performance for the two skippers and this boat which proves herself in light winds!

Arrived at the 11th position and ranked 9th prototype, the objectives have been achieved and the boat works well, even close hauled!!



Caroline went to the sea to do her qualifying.

The qualification out of race is a must for all minis wishing to participate in the mini-transat. The course of 1000 nautical miles is imposed. It is a difficult test. It is carried out alone, without supervision, the skipper chooses the direction of the course as well as his moment to leave.

From Douarnenez, she bypassed Rochebonne then the Ré Island and headed north to pass an Irish cardinal buoy.

The weather forecast then changed, and as she passed near Belle-île, Caroline had to sail in a steady wind. She preferred to opt for the reasonable choice by favoring safety, and Friday afternoon, she returned to Lorient to let the gale pass.

Stopovers during qualification are normally prohibited, however if the reason is meteorological then they are authorized with conditions. Finally, Caroline will have to start all over again because her stopover does not fully meet the conditions. She must leave as soon as the wind is milder.

premier essai.jpg


Caroline completed her qualifying in 6 days and 6 hours !

She showed us that she steers her boat with ease with very good speeds!

A step originally of 1000 miles which has in fact been transformed into a route of 1600 nautical miles! After her first attempt interrupted for weather reasons, she left determined to travel her 1000 nautical miles alone.

The skipper made an express round trip to Ireland in a strong wind, then her passage to the south proved to be a little slower. Indeed, the wind has subsided and the elements have put Caroline to the test during her tour of the Ile de Ré!

She was able to bring her boat back to port with speed and skill.

Although she was delighted to find people ashore, the qualifying has completely accomplished its training role since Caroline is already better able to understand loneliness at sea, sleep management and food on board.

This experience was very rewarding!